Friday, May 3, 2013



I am a conspiracy theorist or at least that is what they call me.

 They also call me crazy and nut job just to name a few of the labels they use to keep my message for being heard.

What qualifies me as a conspiracy theorist you ask? I am given this moniker because I see things others will not or cannot, dark things that seem too Orwellian to be real. I see many, many macabrely captivating patterns, patters in the very fabric of human society. I see that it is in our nature to want wealth, power and influence and that these desires have, throughout time, driven some of us to terrible cruel and unthinkably evil acts. 

I see that as surely
as it has happened before, that power hungry men commit irreconcilably heinous crimes against humanity, it WILL HAPPEN AGAIN! 

I see that each time it happens it get WORSE. 

I see how helpless we really are in a world in which we are clinging to a false sense of security, and how easily it could all come crashing down around our ears. I see that, much like a magic show, it is all an illusion, a parlor trick that uses distraction and misinformation to make us see only what the powerful allow us to see. I see that just beneath the thin veneer of social order there lies malevolence and danger. 

Why do I see these things when they escape others? I see them because I CHOOSE too see them while others fight hard NOT to see them. I see them because my fear of being a blind sheeple outweighs my fear of TRUTH. I see them because I have become tuned into the frequency on which these mysteries are carried, the frequency of secrets. I see them because I have ripped the scales from my eyes. 

What is it that I know, feel, see and hear that makes people call me a crazy conspiracy theorist? Here are just a few examples of my insane ideations:

I see that there is an ancient cabal of the elite and unimaginably powerful overlords who think of us mere mortals as cattle, worker bees to labor and produce goods
and services for their enrichment. 

I see that they have at their disposal the means to control
not just our actions but our thoughts as well. I see how with just six corporations, under the control of this unholy cabal, owning 95% of the worlds media they are almost Godlike. I see how through this media control they feed us our wants, fears and even our morality. 

I see how through the ages civilizations have flourished and crumbled under the thumbs of these writers of history . I see how over the eons they have conditioned us to certain limitations; we are after all not like them. We are of inferior stock. I see how the actively practice eugenics, the science of the selective breeding of humanity. I see how they use eugenics to target black people the poor, and the "weak" among us through the horrors of killing our potential offspring. They have even conditioned many of us to think this killing is for our own good and it is all carried out in the name of CHOICE. 

I see how through mysticism, the occult and evil false religions such as Islam they made a pact with Satan. I see this pact serves them by letting them tap into the powers of the dark prince. I see that their work to repay him with our blood sweat and tears is nearing completion and payment of the final installment is quickly coming due. 

I see that they are being emboldened and scarcely bother to conceal themselves anymore. I see how they have used their tools of misinformation and distraction to convince most of us that THEY DO NOT EXIST. 

I see that the time is drawing near when the few of us like myself must reach others and enlist their help or this wicked group of beasts will see their age old hearts desire be fully realized; a one world government in which we are just ants at their picnic, pests to be destroyed so they can have their unbridled feast! 

I am a conspiracy theorist. Yes, I believe there is a vast conspiracy, a conspiracy so old, so deep and so horrific that it threatens the existence of decent humanity! 


Confession of a Conspiracy Theorist
By Susan Brown 

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