Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Genocide of Americans Begins

As we are nearing WWIII, and the rhetoric with Syria is swiftly changing, we are now starting to see the shift in the all-out destruction of America, coming into existence. Obama has played his orchestrated part in the separatist movement and now it is time for the UN, headed by puppet Putin, to emerge as the true government in this conflict.

Policies are being put into place to insure that Americans and patriots alike do not get a chance to fight back or put a halt in the elite’s ongoing plans. The elite have issued their directive and we can either accept their New World Order or be considered a separatist/terrorist and be rounded up and slaughtered like cattle.
In these past weeks alone, we have seen policies that are coming into play such as giving illegal immigrants a driver’s license (see here) and the laying off of U.S. workers in favor of hiring illegal immigrants in a country that has almost 90 million nationals already unemployed. (See here and here.)

 Can you just imagine what it will be like when all of those lay-offs from all of those companies hit?

More than half of the American population will be unemployed in months, if not a year or two.

 After that, how can anyone afford to pay for mandatory health insurance (thank you Obamacare), let alone their bills or even put food on the table?
Think you can just start a garden?
Sorry! Monsanto will send out the Fascist SWAT teams to ensure that no seed gets planted without their expressed approval.
Think you can just beg on the streets?
Sorry! Places like NYC and Las Vegas are already trying to make it illegal to give food to the poor.
Think you can fight back against all of these companies and illegals?
Sorry! The government views illegals and fascist companies as being more important than American nationals.
What about your children?
Sorry! Department of Child and Protective Services will snatch them from you because you are too poor to care for them and they will indoctrinate them with their Communist Core education and you’ll never see them again.
So how can our corrupt foreign government expect to not have us rise up against them when we have nothing left to lose?
Well, don’t worry, everyone, for the elite already have a plan and/or distraction set in motion that will probably rise its way to the top of Congress’ “To Do” list very soon. It’s called the “National Draft”.
Here’s the thing, by the time these corporate policies (which conveniently coincide with the government’s war policies) are enacted, you can be sure that the National Draft will be initiated and enforced as well, in order to quell any chance of complaint or unrest. Once it is put forth, you will either have a choice:
Join the military or be put in a FEMA camp.
Both lead to suicide and the extinction and genocide of the American people.
Don’t think it will happen? Britain’s government is already introducing a bill forcing young adults to serve in the military. (See here) We all know that whatever Britain does, our U.S. puppet government will soon follow and/or vice versa. It’s no coincidence that Democrat Charles Rangel decided to call for a National Draft on that SAME day! (See here)
Like the Roman Empire, we are given a choice to either fight in the coming World War or live like slaves in the FEMA camps, while Caesar (Obama) raises his thumb up or down, telling DHS whether you should live or die. When Americans are done being slaughtered over in the Middle East and in the camps, they will continue with any rebellious, illegal foreigners that were brought here, until all are assimilated into accepting their North American Union by merging all three countries (Canada, US and Mexico) into one. Once done, the people, through endless indoctrination, will not be able to understand the difference anymore, thus destroying the national sovereignty of each of the countries forever.
Hell, our own government isn’t even made up of Americans, as the White House is filled with Zionists and foreigners that were never even born in this country and we all know Barry is the biggest foreigner and Communist in chief ever to be put in the Oval office. It’s madness! Just take a look at the government roster. Every one of them has dual citizenship or has no allegiance to our country or its Constitution. It’s a foreign government whose sole purpose is to destroy all Americans by escorting in illegals, rebels and foreign UN troops in order to usher in their One World Government.
You see, the difference between us and Syria is that Syria is governed by people who were born in their own country with foreign insurgents attacking them. However, the U.S. is NOT governed by the people who were born in their own country and has been taken over by those same foreign insurgents, who are hell bent on either pushing us out of our own country (via world war) or destroying us from within (via DHS or FEMA death camps).
As we speak, all our warships and Russian warships are in the Mediterranean ready for WWIII. All our eggs are in one basket, leaving us defenseless at home for a reason. Don’t think that this will be the final battle in the World War. This will be just the start. The real battle for us Americans will lie at home.
Here in America, nukes are missing. Police are extracting blood and sending SWAT teams after people for no reason. FEMA and DHS are getting ready to drop the power grid. Our infrastructure is falling apart and sinkholes and natural disasters are happening everywhere. Worms and amoebas are being found in water in Oklahoma and Louisiana. Monsanto is poisoning our food on a daily basis and our corrupt government is encouraging water fluoridation and the pushing of vaccines.
I could go on and on, but as you see, not a word about it in the news as the elimination of our 2nd Article Right and the engineered road to WWIII is so much more important than the issues at home. Also, since it is basically a fact that our government is not even made up of Americans, then what reason do they have to even care about what happens to us? That’s like putting the Chinese government in Japan and then expecting them to care about what happens to the people of Japan. They don’t care!
In researching the latest news, the Syrian government has finally decided to submit their chemical weapons (if they have any) over to the UN under Putin’s supervision. Almost as if Obama has claimed victory (when he clearly lost), we now see events unfolding where he and the media are just going ahead, right over Syria and attacking Iran with threats. (See here)  So now Obama and the elite are using the same modus operandi to threaten Iran as he did with Syria. The only thing he is doing differently is changing “CHEMICAL” weapons with “NUCLEAR” weapons. The CEO in the Oval office said, “Hey, this business template sort of worked for Syria, so let’s try it with Iran. Forward march!”.
Basically, the elite will try and force Iran to hand its power over to the UN (under Mr. “Controlled Opposition” Putin’s supervision, of course) In doing so, Iran, like Syria, will have just submitted itself over to the UN Global Government, which more or less does as Putin and the elite say. Afterwards, Obama and his band of Middle Eastern rebels will have complete control to go in, attack and slaughter the people of both Syria and Iran, while they are disarmed, just like we did with Iraq and other countries in the Middle East.
How do these events relate to the Genocide of Americans?

 Well, since they are getting closer to Iran and the UN government under Putin is rising, they need to start forming a way to take down the U.S. and make the American people themselves look like the bad guys, while all of this is going on (which Obama seems to be doing just perfectly right now). It’s no coincidence that Obama is blatantly falling apart internationally at this same time. It seems to be for this very reason. The elite’s use for him is coming to a close.
So now they are using Syrian rebels to threaten the UN, which the world knows is funded by the U.S. (see here) and if they attack the UN, they will make the U.S. be the next axis of evil and turn the world all on our corrupt government, including the American people. Even Putin, who many Americans have been putting on a pedestal lately, is starting to blame the American people by stating recently that we have no control over our government. And of course Chinese and Russian troops are already conveniently here, just waiting for the UN Global Government to say the word to take over Washington from within and declare themselves saviors of our country and the world and thus making the UN Global Government appear to be the good guys.
In the meantime, the only people left in this country will be the illegals because all of the Americans will be forced by military draft to fight in WWIII. Any remaining Americans will be the patriots desperately fighting to expel the UN from our country when they try to finalize the formation of their North American Union.
Also, don’t forget that when the UN troops come in to takeover our government, they will be following “International law” not U.S. law which means anyone, good or bad, with a gun will be considered a terrorist and an enemy to the Grand Army of the Global Government, as they will be enforcing their UN Small Arms Treaty without any hesitation, further exterminating Americans and killing two birds with one stone. Finally, if you choose to be neutral in all of this, well then, that’s ok, as you will be ripe for collateral damage and/or cannon fodder.
So where do we stand as Americans? Are we patriots or are we sheep?

 Are we going to fight or are we going to let our whole way of life be annihilated right before our eyes? Are we going to let a foreign government tell us what to do or are we going to take our country back?
You decide. For one path will lead to freedom, while the other will lead to the complete genocide of Americans.


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