Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We are Patriots

We believe in vigilance in protecting and preserving the US Constitution .
We want to Protect our many rights, liberties, or sovereignties....

We want  Less government..

less spying, a fair or flat tax code, states rights over a wholly federal govt law.

We want more money in your pocket and for the govt,to just leave us the hell alone and do the #1 thing they are responsible for which is our protection.

Let the states make laws based on what their voters want.

Every state has their own culture, history, climate and agriculture.
Everything the feds stick their hands into gets screwed up and ends up costing more money causing them to raise more taxes.

The privatization of so many things such as infrasctructure and aid programs would cost less and work better. 

Competition creates better prices and better products.

When the federal govt. does something, they do it wrong, it ends up costing 100times more than planned, there is chronyism and then they force you to buy it or pay taxes on it and there is no competition so nothing ever improves.

Just leave us the hell alone! That's all we want!

Trump takes no Crap,.. 

and i Know he will Secure the Border and bring in the Jobs,..

I See a Man,.. That's trying to Save our Country............

In My View...... 

Trump is Not a republican,      He's Not a Democrat..

He's an American Patriot ,..  

Who loves God family and Country..., Who want's to Live here with us all,..

Here in America,  and make us Strong and prosperous Again..!

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