Saturday, October 19, 2013


Dear Future Generations,

About the future and the past. We had a great thing going in America. Our Forefathers laid out a plan like nome other ever before or since.

  Each and every Forefather that signed our Declaration of Independence and Constitution made sacrifices to do so. The first sacrifice was of self and personal gratification. Not one of them looked for great fame for having joined as just one of a group, each satisfied to be a contributor rather than a glory seeker desirous to be the hero of the day. Today's politicians would do well to reexamine those morals. Stand together or die alone has never been more applicable than it was in 2013.

The current generation regrets to inform you that its failure(s) to put country ahead of self was the largest cause of the collapse of this once great country, the sacrifice of your freedoms, and your inevitable slavery to the insanity that prevailed in our country in 2013. Politicians sold their souls for the mere sum of $2 billion dollars. I know that seems like an insignificant amount of money now you are faced with massive inflation and now pay thousands of dollars for a lousy loaf of bread. Would you believe that prior generations not that far back paid 25 cents for that same loaf of bread.

The challenges in 2013 were tremendous to be sure. The demands of a small group of people, and the refusal by 2 of them to even discuss those demands brought the entire country to its knees. Rather than do what was right for the Country and Stand Together, members of the party on the conservative side of the issue engaged in a circular firing squad publicly destroying their credibility while the tyrannical actions of the party in power declared war on the very people that fought to defend our once great country. Anarchy at the top.

It is probably hard for you to believe that this once great country was once viewed as a Heaven on Earth. Many from 3rd world countries sacrificed their lives to come here to live. Your forefathers failed to revere and protect what they had. They cheapened it by giving it away to those that would invade our borders to exploit the wealth of the country. The US only a generation or so was seen as the most lucrative place in the world to make one's fortune. We had great potential for any who chose to work and earn their place in the world.

Several generations destroyed that potential by constantly reducing the requirements for entrance for education and job opportunities. One does not make the group better by lowering standards. Rather maintaining the standards and enabling others to meet the standards prior to entrance raises the results.

Many of your ancestors did not give up easily. Many millions fought a great fight. There were millions that made many trips to the capital seeking to highlight the need to right the country. Many Tea Party groups were formed and had great hopes for success. Each group had a Leader. Unfortunately, those Leaders refused to put Country ahead of their own petty desires for fame and notoriety. Thus those attempts were doomed to failure. Had they coalesced, we might not have a need for this letter.
So many sold their souls for personal gratification. Every politician, from the National to the individual Tea Parties, had to have their pat on the back. Historians will no doubt say that not one of our original Forefathers put their own selfish ego ahead of saving this country.

We got lazy. We were fat, dumb, and happy in that there had been no serious challenges to all the spoils of being a hugely successful country. We forgot to DEMAND CORE VALUES in those we put in political office. We lost sight of what was good for the country and went instead for personal issues. Compromising college entrance requirements. Compromising education requirements for sports paricipants. Compromising Core Values in removing Patriotism from schools, saluting the flag, saying a morning prayer. And so we followed the failed course of many nations before us. Take the Roman Empire for example. The easy course is most often the one guaranteed to fail.

Our apologies go to you for making you the X generation. The generation that must sign there signatures with an X because teachers were too lazy to teach you how to write in script. Now everybody is exactly the same. Truly dumbed down and reduced to an X, in the really brilliant recognition that everyone has a computer and so not longer needs to be able to write their name. It is only amazing that mathematics is still taught as calculators are abundant. Or am I wrong, did they stop teaching math, too. I digress.

In closing, we Sincerely hope that you will have the foresight and stamina to recoup from the sins of the prior generation to correct the course and prevail where we have failed you. You have the tools. Please have the wisdom to throw out the failures, restore conservatism, and push ahead to retake the country. It will be difficult. It has always been difficult to stand for what is right. The challenges we have left you are significant. Have the wisdom to know that Core Values of Integrity, Honesty, Faith, and Selflessness do result in success.

Always look to the Constitution and the Declaration for guidance. All of our Forefathers had it right the first time.

The generation of Entitlement

Posted by Marlene H. Klim

Sad, but all too true letter.

The ones that will really pay, DEARLY, for the failures of the selfish, entitled generation (our own children), will be their children, our grand children.

It is truly sad to watch a liberal, who, even after watching the desgtruction brought on by Barack Heusein Obama and his minions, still find liberalism acceptable.

 as Churchill said, " may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. Semper Fi!


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