Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How Obama Plans to Finally Destroy America

Since taking office, Obama has seemed to have one goal in mind, bankrupting America. Rather than working to create jobs for 24 million Americans, Obama has put in place policies which kill jobs. His use of foreign companies to receive American taxpayer money is legendary and leads many people to question why these contracts are not going to American companies.

Let’s look at Obamacare. Never before in the history of America, has congress passed or a president sign into law, a bill that kills such a tremendous amount of jobs. Or turned so many full-time jobs into part-time ones. Implementing this plan are a Canadian company, CGI Inc, who received a contract worth nearly 100 million dollars. The software is full of “glitches” and experts say it is poorly written. But CGI has become a favorite of the Obama administration, having received a total of 1.4 billion in contracts from it.

The administration of Obamacare and it’s 1.25 billion dollar contract was awarded to another Obama favorite, SERCO. SERCO was caught falsifying reports to the British government program , the NIH (British equivalent of Obamacare) no less than 252 times. And currently, they are under investigation for falsely billing the law enforcement agencies as much as 80 million dollars, for supposedly monitoring people who are in prison, have left the country, no longer on monitoring, or just plain dead.

Even what he claims as huge successes are really abject failures. According to the government, taxpayers took a 10 billion dollar bath on GM. But only if you use creative bookkeeping. The real cost is over 50 billion to save a company with a market cap of 28 billion dollars. And to add insult to injury, GM used US taxpayer money to pay back Canadian loans. GM also moved 12 parts plants to China and built a 534 million dollar plant in Mexico to supply engines for cars built-in the United States.

Then we have the enormous increase in spending by Obama. The budget was increased by 37% and we blew 840 billion on a stimulus bill that was designed to fail. Cash for clunkers, mortgage programs, green energy, were all set up for failure and rife for graft and corruption.

And now, Obama has the chance he’s been looking for, default. Now it is true that default does not have to mean disaster, but by the same token, shutting down the government didn’t mean we had to close all the national parks or shutter private businesses or even close a large part of the Atlantic Ocean. But we did. It was Obama’s choice to make it painful as possible for as many as possible.
If the debt limit isn’t raised, we still have money coming in and we could keep our debts paid until we eventually reach an agreement. Any one of three entities can neutralize the effects of a default, the president, the Secretary of the Treasury or the Fed. All three are under Obama’s complete control. Adding Yellin to the Fed was the final piece of the puzzle. Bernanke would have tried to stave off default, but Yellin will do the president’s bidding.

All tax revenue that comes in must be spent on bills but Obama gets to decide which bills get paid. And bills are not always debt. Bills can also be promised money set aside in the budget. Planned Parenthood and NPR will not see a dime less than they expect. But actual creditors may be out of luck. (Remember the GM creditors) banks who loan money to the government could be hit hard and their depositors could see their money either disappear or become as worthless as confederate money once was.

This is why he refuses to negotiate. And when they got close to an agreement this weekend, he moved the crossbar and demanded that sequester money be added back in, which he knows the republicans can’t do. Congress could overrule the president by passing legislation by a veto proof majority.

 Do you really see Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi riding to the rescue?

And once people are destitute and crying out for the government to help them, martial law could be declared. Elections suspended and enemies detained. Sound silly? Impossible?

  Then consider this, how many things have you witnessed over the last five years you would have laughed about just six short years ago. A president who owes no allegience to the constitution and who is willing to go against its mandates is capable of anything, because he is committed to nothing but the ideology of a Liberal Utopia.

Obama should have been impeached long ago for Treason.

Benghazi. Extortion 17. U.N. Firearm Treaty. Cyber spying. Countless Executive Orders moving power from the people to himself. Fast & Furious. Bailout & fiscal irresponsibility. TPP which will annihilate the U.S. Constitution & sovereignty of this nation. Gov't shutdown - There are three branches of the gov't & Obama is controlling all three. Congress voted on budget & passed everything but ACA. Obama still won't negotiate & has overstepped his authority.
Impeach the imposture.

Forget the Government Shutdown — It’s About Shutting YOU Down!.....Bankruptcy as an excuse for martial law and opening FEMA camps......GOD Help Us...

Pray :and get your family ready,Best you can..Pressure your State to Start thinking a 10th Amendment movement.// We must stop feeding the Beast..In DC../ ..Withold All Fed Taxes at State Lvl..To Pay your Military and Police in State..// Get Armed! ..Pray!!


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